Character Education System for Schools Fostering Growth Mindsets

Character / Resilience Building

Our system provides the most comprehensive way of gathering evidence to show how your school is fostering a growth mindset by building students' character and identifying areas for improvement.

Character / resilience is measured through the recording of activities by students. Each activity is broken down into credits, which are assigned to attributes that embody the activity. For example, a visit to a careers fair may have credits assigned to ambition, communication, honesty and open-mindedness. The system can then recommend that students undertake other activities in areas where they are lacking evidence for given attributes. Looking to develop your courage attribute? Why not try abseiling? A student may then record abseiling as a target and reflect on their progress over time.

School leaders can run reports on their students' strengths and weaknesses individually, by year group, at a whole school level, or by significant group such as Pupil Premium.

The "Educational Excellence Everywhere" white paper (March 2016) states that the government will support schools that use "evidence-based character building opportunities" and "deliver a new round of Character Awards, recognising the schools and organisations, which are most successful in supporting children to develop key character traits.".

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