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Parents Evening Booking System

Parents Evenings, also known as progress evenings or parent-teacher interviews.

This system allows parents to book appointments directly with their child's teachers, which has many advantages. For example, students often shy away from making appointments with teachers who might not make positive comments about them. However, those appointments are usually the most important as it is where appropriate monitoring and support can be agreed. This system removes the student from the booking process.

Once signed in, parents are presented with a list of their child's teachers and corresponding subjects, as well as their personal timetable for the evening. Any available slots can be booked online by the parent. The teacher can also book appointments and review appointments made by parents through their own login. Prior to the evening, the system gives teachers the opportunity to change their availability for given slots so they can arrange a break or extra time for a particular appointment.

The system's administrator can manage multiple parents evenings for different classes / year groups, set the time and date for each parents evening, change appointment duration and implement a booking cut-off date / time.

Prior to the parents evening, the administrator can print parent timetables at the click of a button so they can be given out on arrival, and also teacher timetables to put in staff trays.

After the parents evening, the administrator can run reports to see the overall turnout and what students did not arrive for their appointments.

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